FASTer - Issue #147

Limiting belief glasses 👓

In a circus, there was a baby elephant, born far from the wilds his ancestors knew. From his earliest days, he was restrained by a chain attached to a metal stake, limiting his world to a few mere meters.

Despite these constraints, The baby elephant harbored a deep-seated urge to be free, a desire etched into his very DNA. Time and again, he strained against the chain, but it was unyielding, too robust for his youthful strength. Over time, after countless attempts, the calf surrendered to his fate, accepting the stake as an unconquerable force.

As the years rolled by, the baby elephant grew into a mighty elephant, possessing the strength to easily shatter his chains. Yet, he never attempted to break free again. The belief that the chain was invincible, ingrained in him since youth, held him captive more than the metal ever could.

Even if the elephant were to encounter an other elephant who had never known chains, one who spoke of freedom and possibilities, he would likely dismiss their words. His beliefs were deeply rooted, possibly even passing them onto his offspring, perpetuating a cycle of self-imposed limitations.

This tale reflects the power of limiting beliefs and their capacity to confine us, much like the baby elephant, to a narrow existence.

We, as humans, are not so dissimilar. Our lives can be restricted by various 'chains' – unfulfilling jobs, toxic relationships, or the constraints of our environment. We dream of different lives, yet we often wear 'limiting belief glasses' that blind us to the possibilities that lie just around the corner.

Consider the elephants plight and imagine a different approach. What if we challenged our unique situations, believing there might be a path to what we desire? What if we considered that others have triumphed over similar obstacles?

This shift in mindset, akin to the butterfly effect, can alter our reality. By simply entertaining the thought, "Maybe I can do it," rather than resigning to "I can't," we break the mental chains that bind us.

True, breaking free from limiting beliefs is not an easy task. It demands responsibility and the courage to explore our potential. Absolute freedom begins in the mind before manifesting in our lives. It's a choice of belief, a personal journey where no one else can create the life we envision.

In fortunate moments, we may encounter individuals who challenge our limiting beliefs, but it's not their responsibility to wait for them. It's more beneficial to be our own coach, questioning the boundaries of what's possible. This is the path to breaking free, just like the baby elephant could have, from the invisible chains that hold us back.


Simple questions enhancing outcomes. This is the best thing you will read today that a $200k degree cant teach you about marketing. Your outcomes are what you make them. Less is more. A 50$ trial journey led to a MM$ exit.

One New Thing (That you should know)

The Stanley phenomenon. If you have not been living under a rock you know that the hottest thing since sliced bread for the tweens and their moms is a sippy cup. Well not really but its partially true. A 110 year old water bottle to the internets most sold product.

A brand that was for rugged outdoorsmen and for the working class has taken over fashion and social media players. A viral video, a plugged in management team and a play book like none other, this is some thing you must read.

Boring Stuff That Scales

Reactive marketing. Perhaps not the best place in the world to be as a marketer, boring and situation based, but it doesn’t have to be. I will keep it simple. One example that should get you out of bed every day and think about how you can use some thing that is reactionary to an event you didn’t control to scale your outcomes.

In 2016, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split. Right after, Norwegian, an airline that happens to fly between Oslo and Los Angeles, decides to publish this simple ad in a newspaper. The concept took internet by storm. A masterclass in reactive marketing.

What You Should Be Watching

Mo Gawdat is the Former Chief Business Officer for Google X, an AI expert, a best-selling author and a passionate podcaster. Mo spoke about AI. Most people bury their head in the sand when it comes to this topic, Mo is trying to change that. He believes that AI can be used for good, however we all need to work together to make that happen.

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By learning key skills for entrepreneurs.

One Last Thing

Regaining control to get better outcomes. Your phone is silently killing you. Read this to make sure you are in control of your self vs your phone and algorithms.

Bonus! Thought(s) of the week

Unbundling ideas

1. Unbundling TikTok

Revyze is a French startup cashing in on the short-form video craze. The company has raised ~$2m to build the TikTok of education. Started to help French students with their baccalaureate curriculum, the app started offering SAT test prep in the US last October. The concept works because students would rather learn from their peers than teachers. The issue with TikTok is that it’s a generalist, whereas Revyze filters out any non-educational content.The education niche was always ripe for unbundling – the #LearnOnTikTok hashtag has 860B+ views.

2. Unbundling Expert Advice

Just Answer is a website that gives users access to thousands of verified experts, including doctors, lawyers, tutors, technicians, mechanics, vets, and more. The site enjoys 33m+ views/month from people looking for practical expert advice. 

There is an opportunity to unbundle Just Answer by creating a platform that caters to a specific niche. Reddit is a good place to find inspiration:

  • r/LegalAdvice: 2.5m subscribers

  • r/MechanicAdvice: 1.3m

  • r/AskCulinary: 954k 

  • r/AskElectronics: 718k 

  • r/AskWomenAdvice: ~298k

Here is where you should go to look at reddit data