FASTer - Issue #140

Swipe Right for Life ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ♡ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ

Rediscovering the Joy in the Journey, Not Just the Destination

In this age of click-and-get, dinner is just an app away, sparing you the horrors of peeling potatoes. Your beliefs? Curated by social media's finest echo chambers. Kids? Entrusted to the glowing guardianship of tablets. And fitness? There’s probably a pill or potion for that.(Ozempic any one?)

Remember books? Those ancient relics where stories lived. Cooking? That alchemy of turning groceries into something edible. Exercise? That thing you did before ‘streaming’ became a hobby. Real conversations with kids? That's like live-streaming, but with more questions and fewer likes.

Ah, the wonders of modern life, where the heavy lifting is done for you.

But here’s the twist: it’s in the stir of the saucepan, the turn of the page, the ache of muscles, and the spark in a child’s eyes where the magic of life really happens. We’re not just missing out on chores; we’re skipping the good parts. The work isn’t just work; it's where the heartbeats of life are felt strongest. And maybe, just maybe, that's why our high-tech, low-effort world leaves us feeling a bit... low-tech and high-discontent

The next wave of winning tech will likely be unplug tech. As oxymoronic as it sounds, humanity needs a place to get away from the always on world. Will you be the entrepreneur that cracks that code?


Changing Life's Outcomes Through Unconventional Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship isn't just about tech startups or fashion labels. It's also about the innovative minds that turn the seemingly mundane into something extraordinary, embodying the principle that the human mind is built to solve problems. When conventional paths don't suffice, these entrepreneurs create their own, often addressing issues we didn't even know existed.

1. Dogue: A Restaurant for Dogs Rahmi Massarweh, a chef, started Dogue, a restaurant exclusively for dogs in San Francisco. Offering a $75 tasting menu including "pawtisserie" and "dogguccinos," Dogue not only serves unique canine cuisine but also educates about pet nutrition, underscoring the importance of specialized dietary care for pets​​.

2. Edible Shoes A surprisingly large market exists for edible shoes, primarily made of chocolate. This niche epitomizes the creative solution to an unusual problem – fashion that you can literally consume. It's a whimsical combination of art and utility, serving a market we hardly knew was there​​.

3. Potato Parcel Potato Parcel taps into the simple joy of sending a message in an unconventional way. They write custom messages on potatoes and mail them. This quirky idea shows how a simple, even bizarre concept can create a new way of connecting people​​.

4. Hire Goats for Lawn Care Hire Goats offers a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to lawn mowing by renting out goats for grass clipping. This service highlights an innovative approach to everyday tasks, transforming lawn care into a natural and environmentally conscious activity​​.

5. Cuddle Party Cuddle Party provides a service where people can learn about creating boundaries and connections through cuddling. It caters to the basic human need for physical touch and connection, turning a simple concept into a therapeutic and educational service​​.

6. Virtual Dating Assistants (VIDA) VIDA Select takes over the exhausting parts of online dating – creating profiles, conversing, and organizing dates. This service shows how entrepreneurship can ease the complexities of modern dating, offering a unique solution to a common social challenge​​.

7. Dirty Rotten Flowers In a twist on traditional flower delivery services, Dirty Rotten Flowers sends bouquets of dead, rotting flowers, often used as a humorous or spiteful gesture. This business capitalizes on the unconventional expression of sentiments, turning a negative emotion into a service​​.

8. Neuticles: Artificial Pet Implants Neuticles provides artificial testicular implants for pets post-neutering. This peculiar yet surprisingly successful business addresses pet owners' concerns about their pets' well-being and self-esteem after surgery​​.

These entrepreneurs remind us that the essence of innovation lies not just in solving problems, but in identifying and addressing needs that are often overlooked or undervalued. Their success stories illustrate that when the human mind is not engaged in meaningful problem-solving, it tends to create trivial issues. By engaging in unique business ventures, they not only changed their life outcomes but also offered solutions that resonate on a personal and often humorous level, demonstrating the limitless potential of creative entrepreneurship.

One New Thing (That you should know)

General Motors first produced and sold an EV more than 25 years ago. However, the EV1 could only be leased as it was part of a “real world engineering evaluation” Here is its incredible history.

Boring Stuff That Scales

Teaching people skills early on. If we look at the world today and the so called progress around us, is it really progress? Are we genuinely curious? Are we learning? Are we innovating? Are you innovating? Lets take a test..

This is an 8th grade graduation exam from 1912. 8th graders then were better prepared for life in the real world than 12th graders are today. What is your view? Can you honestly say you are better prepared? Will what you are learning scale?

The 1912 8th grade exam reflects educational priorities of over a century ago, with a focus on rote learning and practical knowledge for that era. Today, the curriculum has evolved to include not only factual knowledge but also critical thinking, technology, and collaborative skills, which are essential in the modern world. But is it boring? Or not boring enough to help you scale?

Whether one system is better than the other can be subjective and depends on the criteria used for comparison. Modern education aims to prepare students for a future that is rapidly changing, with an emphasis on adaptability and lifelong learning. The skills taught now are intended to "scale" in the sense that they provide a foundation for further education and for adapting to the unforeseen demands of future workplaces and societal changes. Is your education helping you scale?

It's not necessarily about being "better prepared" in a direct comparison, because the contexts are so different. It's more about being prepared for the realities of the current world, which includes technological literacy, problem-solving in diverse teams, and the ability to continuously learn and adapt.

What You Should Be Watching

Sixty years of producing standardized fruits and vegetables and creating industrial hybrids have had a dramatic impact on their nutritional content. In the past 50 years, vegetables have lost 27% of their vitamin C and nearly half of their iron. Take the tomato. Through multiple hybridizations, scientists are constantly producing redder, smoother, firmer fruit.

But in the process, it has lost a quarter of its calcium and more than half of its vitamins. The seeds that produce the fruits and vegetables we consume are now the property of a handful of multinationals, like Bayer, and Dow-Dupont, who own them.

These multinationals have their seeds produced predominantly in India, where workers are paid just a handful of rupees while the company has a turnover of more than 2 billion euros.

A globalized business where the seed sells for more than gold. According to FAO, worldwide, 75% of the cultivated varieties have disappeared in the past 100 years. Loss of nutrients, and privatization of life, reveal the industrialists’ great monopoly over our fruits and vegetables. Is it time for us to reclaim simplicity in our food chains, similar to our lives?

Monetize your time - at any age

By learning the truth behind startups. I read a fantastic post, that I wanted to share with you. It is critical that we know the difference between, planning and outcomes but understand the value of making plans.

One Last Thing

Some ideas on businesses you can start for 350USD/100K PKR , today.

Solar-Powered Phone Charging Stations: Setting up solar-powered charging kiosks in public spaces where access to electricity is inconsistent. With solar panels becoming more affordable, this could be a scalable solution to a common problem.

Local SEO Services for Small Businesses: Offer services to optimize small businesses' online presence on local search engines and maps, requiring just the investment in your SEO training and a basic website.

Micro-Influencer Marketing Agency: Start a digital agency focusing on connecting local micro-influencers with small businesses for targeted marketing campaigns on social media platforms.

Herbal and Organic Home Remedies: Produce and sell home-made herbal remedies and organic skincare products online, sourced from local ingredients.

Skill-Based Workshops for Youth: Organize and conduct workshops on in-demand skills such as basic coding, digital marketing, graphic design, or English language proficiency. These could be conducted in community or co working spaces or even online to keep costs low.

Bonus! Thought(s) of the week

Killer Bread. Really.

After 15+ years in prison, Dave Dahl discovered his true calling: to create the most nutritious, organic, whole-grain bread in the universe.

Maybe you’ve read the bio on the back of a bread bag — either way, if you haven’t this short video is worth watching.

Dave wasn’t ashamed of his criminal past, but his advisors begged him not to mention it… So he fired them and became a champion of second-chance employment.

This is some thing you must see today. Second Chances are real…

Today is December 3, 2023 so that means that 980 days from today would be August 9, 2026. Why is this even remotely significant? Today it has been 140 Weeks since I started publishing this newsletter.. 980 days…give or take. If any thing, persistence, consistency . In March/April 2021 I decided that I will do some thing to change the outcomes of the youth who were interested in entrepreneurship but didn’t know who to ask or what to ask. Soon we will hit a 1000 days of working towards getting some thing done. I wanted to lead by example, that you have the ability to change your own outcomes. What will your next 1000 days look like? Do you believe you have the ability to change your outcomes. 1000 days ago I had no idea what today would look like, but I decided to shoot my shot. Will you shoot yours today? Let me know by responding back if you do! I am rooting for you.