FASTer - Issue #136

25 @ 25 , yet an other 📋 

I read with interest many lists, but I seldom make them. Yesterday I read some thing had pertinent advice but the list it self was too busy. It got me thinking no less to re hash it and share with this group. Here are some things that I realized when I was 25 or perhaps sooner and some that I didn’t till much later. If you find your self in a difficult headspace, read this list, reflect on your choices and take control of future outcomes.

1. Your Happiness Lies Within: Successful entrepreneurship begins with a happy and fulfilled founder. Realize that you are responsible for your own happiness, and remember that a joyful leader inspires a motivated team.

2. Life's Phases: Your entrepreneurial journey evolves just like life itself. Early on, your startup's situation may reflect your upbringing, but as you progress, your choices and the impact on others become the driving factors.

3. Wealth in Unconventional Places: Traditional paths to wealth aren't the only way. Consider unconventional avenues and don't be discouraged if your startup isn't venture-backed.

4. The Power of Eloquence: Effective communication is key in business. Talking slowly can lend an air of intelligence and authority to your words, making you a more persuasive and effective leader.

5. Defying Expectations: To achieve true happiness and success, you must chart your course, irrespective of societal pressures and expectations.

6. Simple Happiness: You don't need opulence to be content. Remember, an extravagant lifestyle can be a trap; true happiness requires less than you might think.

7. Social Media vs. Real Connections: Being part of someone's "Close Friends" list on Instagram doesn't equate to genuine closeness. In business, real connections are built on trust and shared goals.

8. A Balanced Approach: Leverage the online world for learning and earning, but remember to disconnect and apply your knowledge in the real world.

9. Define Your Wealth: True wealth lies in discovering your purpose, passionately pursuing it, and remaining unapologetically true to your mission.

10. Embrace Creativity: As an entrepreneur, don't shy away from being a creator, even if it doesn't align with the norm.

11. Community and Currency: Building a community around your brand is an investment that pays off in loyalty, support, and ultimately, financial success.

12. The Rarity of Genuine Friends: In both business and life, genuine friends are a rare treasure. They stand by you through thick and thin, expecting nothing in return but your happiness.

13. The Fun of Learning: Embrace novelty and experimentation in your business endeavors. Those who have the most fun trying new things often learn the quickest.

14. Prioritize Health and Wealth: Instead of rushing to therapy and pills, prioritize a healthy lifestyle and investments that generate passive income, allowing you to prosper even while you sleep.

15. Dreams to Reality: The internet is a platform for turning your ideas into actionable plans. Don't just dream; leverage the digital realm to make your dreams a reality.

16. Transform Envy into Inspiration: In the competitive world of entrepreneurship, jealousy is detrimental. Turn envy into inspiration and let it motivate your journey.

17. The Power of Writing: Effective writing skills are invaluable for entrepreneurs. Well-crafted messages and content can bring financial security.

18. Time's Acceleration: Time flies as we age. As entrepreneurs, make each day count and focus on the present to shape a brighter future.

19. Self-Confidence Through Focus: Minding your own business and concentrating on your goals can boost your self-confidence and success as an entrepreneur.

20. Embrace Silence: In today's connected world, putting your phone on "Do Not Disturb" can be the secret to maintaining your sanity and productivity.

21. Non-Conformity: The most remarkable businesses often start as low-status ventures before ascending to prominence. Dare to be different and zig when others zag.

22. A Year of Transformation: In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, never underestimate what can happen in a single year. Embrace change and growth.

23. Finding Your Tribe: Surrounding yourself with the right people in your business journey can alleviate doubts and propel your success.

24. Efficiency in Action: Live your entrepreneurial life as if you're packing a U-Haul with no room for regrets. Maximize each move and decision.

25. The Changing Landscape: In today's economic reality, the middle class is shrinking. Entrepreneurs must adapt, aiming for prosperity and stability.


Something I read has been validating a belief Ive held. Our circumstances impact our outcomes stable families produces kids who have more self belief even if they weren’t economically at the top. The more middle class/rural etc we are the hungrier we are for success, heres a study to let you think more objectively about that belief.

One New Thing (That you should know)

The Japanese calendar has the same four seasons we are familiar with in the West. However, each season is divided into six parts creating 24 sekki, each about fifteen days long. These periods are originally derived from the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar, a method of time keeping where a year is divided according to the phases of the moon as well as the earth’s orbit around the sun.

The 24 sekki are again split into three ko for a total of 72 ko, or micro-seasons, each lasting for around 5 days. These seasons reflect the delicate rhythms of Japan’s ecosystems, each one correlating with an actual happening in the natural world at that moment, such as bamboo shoots sprouting, and wheat ripening.

“Every few days is a new season, a new opportunity. Small enough to take with lightness. Big enough to matter,”

The Japanese calendar is divided into 72 micro-seasons instead of the traditional 4, based on such nuances of weather and nature such as "bamboo shoots sprouting", "wheat ripening" and "Swallows return"

Boring Stuff That Scales

There are 8 weeks left in the year, enough time to start transforming yourself and your outcomes. It’s boring as hell but it pays dividends.

No one can make you a custom list, you know what it is, just get started. Some top of mind things to think about could be:

  • Defining Clear Goals

  • Creating a Daily Routine

  • Prioritizing Health and Fitness

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Learning Something New

  • Financial Planning

  • Decluttering and Organizing

  • Simplifying and Minimizing life at large

  • Relationships and Communication

  • Setting Boundaries

What You Should Be Watching

This documentary takes a look behind the scenes at Mexico's drug mafia. Along the way, it uncovers a dangerous yet often-overlooked group of actors - the lawyers. What role do they play in the cartel system?

The film delves into the dark world of organized crime, a world that thrives on money, corruption and fear. A key part of this world? Lawyers. Cartels enforce their rules with terror. But cartels have also developed a highly efficient legal defense system, overseen by experienced "narco-lawyers”.

Indeed, these lawyers are the cornerstone of a complex legal system surrounding narco-trafficking. They embody the interplay between the drug trade and local legal, political and financial structures. This film offers a glimpse into the world of drug lawyers. How do they use their legal knowledge and connections to protect the interests of the drug cartels? What is their motivation? What about their integrity? Lawyers in Mexico, Colombia and the U.S. provide insights into a ruthless reality.

International experts from INTERPOL, UN advisors and local journalists also have their say. This is a much watch because it provides insights into complex crimes and how people defend organized crime.

Monetize your time - at an early age

Given that this week has been about time, outcomes, actions and lists, here is one more that every young person must at-least give a read.

One Last Thing

As you work towards adding more structure to the 8 weeks leading up to the new year, here is your dose of curiosity, inspiration and ideas worth listening to.

Bonus! Thought(s) of the week

Why are people so un happy? Charlie’s take on this is interesting. More interesting is the mention he drops towards the end about Steven Pinker.

Stevens works tells us that based on data, things are getting better, the only thing not getting better is the news. So whilst our world is literally getting better(based on human progress) humans are actually not happier. A must read is this piece on the overall research and findings.